Going Up!

Going Up!

This week’s progress in pictures and engineer’s comments.

The masonry walls are almost complete.  The walls above the masonry level will be frame.  The horizontal re-bar that can be seen extending out from the walls at the right and left are to reinforce the grade beam.  This beam will be poured after most of the dirt is put around the building, and will serve to counter any tendency of the stair wells to separate from the rest of the building when settling occurs.
The grade level (the final  level of the dirt around the building) will be about a foot above where the horizontal re-bar protrudes.  The upper two stories of the building will be above this.
6-15-17 View looking Southwest

That’s St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School behind the high school, and the cross and dome are St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. The high school students will go to weekly Mass at the parish church.

Soon to be the gym!

As soon as the last courses of block are laid on the main building, the walls of the gym will be built. Get ready to roar, Lions!