Weekly Progress

Weekly Progress

The building continues to grow. Last week’s work gave passengers along 137th Avenue plenty to see.

Only a month before, this was what you’d have seen. 

Here’s a view looking South South West.

May 27, 2017

Progress on the walls is apparent.  Note the height of the scaffolding braces.  The scaffolding will support the block-laying for all three levels of the school.

There are several things to note in this last view:

The majority of the blocks used in the wall are “open-ended” with a single center web.  This allows the re-bar to go through the blocks without having to “thread”  them over the vertical re-bar.  Once the mortar is placed between blocks on a course, the re-bar is retained within the blocks.

Foundation corners.
The exception is the corner arrangement.  The corners are made with conventional concrete blocks (see lower right).  These have three webs and two holes.  Even so, they are cut to circumvent the need to thread them over the re-bar.  See the corner, near the foot of the man with the hose.
When the concrete comes through the hose from the pump, the blocks will be filled in, around the re-bar.  The result is a solid, steel-reinforced concrete wall.