Excavation of the Basement at John Paul II High School

Earth is Moving! Excitement Heightens as the Pit Deepens

The excitement generated at the groundbreaking builds as earth moves at the construction site of St. John Paul II Catholic High School.

The construction trailer and water tank marked the real beginning. Two weeks of watering the ground were followed by the placement of a silt fence, then a construction fence. Each morning the Mass goers hear the earth movers tearing around, even though they can see less and less of them, as the pit for the school’s basement grows deeper.

The new high school building will accommodate 500 students, with a full basement level and two levels above ground. The seventh Catholic diocesan high school is the first Catholic high school built west of 35th Ave.

The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation from Nashville, Tennessee bring to JPII their charism of teaching with 156 years of experience in education. Every child in the United States deserves a Catholic education, and St. John Paul II brings this opportunity to the growing population in the West Valley. Drive by and see your new Diocesan high school, as the earth is moving to prepare the way!