Job Fair at JPII

January 25, 2018 A. D.

Job Fair at JPII

A successful new Catholic high school needs great staff and teachers. Earlier this month, more than ninety people registered for the inaugural Job Fair for St. John Paul II Catholic High School.  The Job Fair had three components:  vision and mission of the school, diocesan process for applying, and time for individual meetings.

The event began with a description of the plan and mission of St. John Paul II Catholic High School.  Sister Mary Jordan Hoover, O. P., Principal of St. John Paul II Catholic High School, described the Dominican charism, which is preaching the truth of the human person with joy.  She also tied the vision of this seventh diocesan high school to Bishop Thomas Olmsted’s letter, Evangelizing through the Catholic Schools. This school will be staffed by faithful men and women who can witness to the truth of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, forming the students to be joyful witnesses of Truth to the world.

Sister Mary Brigid Burnham, O. P., Director of Curriculum Development, explained the opportunities for future teachers. In two words, teachers foment “loving knowledge.” By educating the whole person in what is good, true and beautiful, teachers lead students from facts to knowledge, and with grace, to wisdom. Opening a school means wearing many hats, and much hard work, a great environment for a teacher to develop and grow in exciting ways!

Domonic Salce, Assistant Superintendent of Catholic Schools, outlined the steps for becoming an employee of the Diocese of Phoenix. In particular, he referred applicants to the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools jobs website. Catholic Schools Job Postings  Since all applicants must apply for desired positions through the online portal, Domonic Salce gave a clear explanation of the process. Positions for St. John Paul II Catholic High School will be posted on the Diocese of Phoenix Catholic Schools website, beginning in February or March and continuing through the summer months.

Just as the Diocese exhorts us, “Together, let us go forth,” may all those who will be Founding members of St. John Paul II go forth courageously in this great opportunity in education.