Beginning, Even Winning

A priest who came to say Mass at school last week sat in the chapel and half-whispered, "Imagine what it takes to begin a school!" It takes time and energy and vision and action steps and setbacks and it is the greatest adventure.


Imagine what it takes to start a sports program! The fall teams experienced varying degrees of success: the football team never won but grew in numbers despite their losses; the spirit line developed all new cheers and routines; soccer won a game and tied another; volleyball went to the State playoffs; and in swimming the men's relay took home the State bronze medals. 


Now the winter sports have begun. The first victory is being able to have the team. We have four teams for basketball: JV and Varsity Girls and Boys' teams, and a new spirit line to cheer them on. Three of the four teams have won games. Soon, the Lions will be able to play on a newly-installed gym floor. Home games will be our next victory!


Imagine what it takes to begin. Imagine what it takes to win. We are doing both.