A Dream Come True



The sound of nuts and bolts being riveted into wood is like music to my ears.  The long-awaited library shelving arrived today and the order of our first 3,296 volumes is on its way.  It feels like Christmas in the library! And so it is . . .


for what to my wondering eyes should appear

but a group of our students sitting right here--

here in the corner where cozy chairs sit

enjoying a story--unfold bit by bit.  


And I turned in a flash to see what was the matter-- well, it happened a study group made a great clatter

with book bags and posterboard, markers, and such

they’re hoping this project will help their grade much.


Then database research and articles printed,

to the reference section I practically sprinted

to help out some students who seemed to be stuck.  

But in fact here’s the book that they needed--what luck!  


From Dickens to Charlemagne, Lincoln to Currie,

the students I know will be all in a hurry--

a hurry that is to return after break

and hit the new library--for goodness sake.  

And they will make true, what my “eyes” have foretold.  

It’s a story brand new and yet centuries old--

the story of knowledge and wonder so near

In a book, in a book, in a book . . .and they’re HERE!