“There’s a uniform?”


“There’s a uniform?”

“Yes. That’s typical for Catholic schools.”

 “Why do Catholic schools have uniforms, anyway?”

A simple reason for a uniform is the savings in money and time. No large wardrobe expected and no deciding what to wear every morning! That’s efficient. Students know they look good in the uniform, so they are free to think about their “job,” being great students.

But another reason for a uniform is in the word: uni-form. There is one shape or design to promote unity, a sense of belonging to a school community (there’s the word unity again).

The JPII uniform has a classic look, expressing the classic education JPII offers. It is a modest uniform. It shows that we value Christian modesty and serious intellectual effort. We take our uniform seriously because we take our studies seriously. The order and precision of our clothes sharpens the order and precision in our thinking. Students who wear the uniform well project professionalism and dress for success.


Uniforms communicate roles. People easily turn to a uniformed policeman for help, or ask a Priest in his clerical garb for a blessing, or request a prayer from a Sister in her habit. Wouldn’t it be great for someone from Avondale to ask a JPII student in his teal, black and white when the upcoming play or tournament is, or even what time the Catholic Masses are?

“Do we ever wear other clothes?”

“Sure. Athletes wear sports uniforms, House celebrations and competitions require House attire, actors and dancers dress for their performances, and service projects might need clothes that allow easy movement. But for general academic pursuits, we wear our uniforms, and wear them well.”

“Do people know that we are the JPII Lions?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because it’s time to wear our Pride!”