Wow, this is a lot of hard work!

How should we approach our high school studies?

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  • First, we have to do what's important, even if that's not what's urgent. 
  • Next, we have to face our challenges and begin some plan for tackling them.
  • Then, we turn to the things that we may enjoy more or that are urgent but not as important.
  • Finally, we have the time to enjoy the fun things.

Wisdom lies in knowing which is which.

When athletes take the field or court, they have done a lot of hard work to be ready to play. In the same way, students have to build up their mental muscles to be able to play in the game of academic excellence. The prize is knowledge, skills, competence, and compassion. But the only road to success, either in athletics or in academics, is the road of hard work.


No one is proud of easy accomplishments. We are proud of going through great difficulties in achieving our goal.

Saint Paul gives the analogy of the runner, β€œAll the runners in the stadium compete. But only one wins the crown of victory. In that case, run so as to win. Athletes deny themselves all sorts of things. They do this to win a crown that withers, but we a crown that endures forever.”


Anyone can succeed in academics, with a lot of hard work. When something is hard to understand, then we just work harder to understand it. With mastery comes increased understanding, and the satisfaction of enduring to the end.

Enjoy the summer, but take advantage of the summer assignments and invitations to improve your skills. Mental strength is its own satisfaction.