Great AP Classes at JPII to Get Ahead for College


Thursday in AP Language and Comp was like any other day in the junior Advanced Placement English class. The students turned in either an argument or a creative assignment, reviewed 50 Latin root words, logged in to their AP College Board account to see their progress check from Unit One, and then blasted through 100 pages of Mark Twain’s best written and least read book, Joan of Arc. Acting some passages, analyzing the claims of other paragraphs, and relishing Twain’s obvious admiration for his favorite heroine, JPII students had a rich if demanding day in English!


JPII offers classes at college-preparatory, honors and AP levels. The 2019-2020 AP courses are these: freshman may take AP World History; sophomores may take AP European and AP Chemistry if qualified; juniors may take AP US History, AP Language and Comp., AP Physics. Seniors choose among AP Literature and Comp., AP US Government, AP Biology, AP Calculus, AP Studio Art, AP Spanish, AP Latin ,and AP Statistics. If students score passing grades, their colleges may offer them college credit for some or all of these exams! JPII students not only have great classes in high school but also get ahead in their college degree program!


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