Rooted in Christ, we learn and hand on what is Good, True, and One.

At St. John Paul II Catholic High School, we have a distinctive purpose: to foster the gospel spirit of freedom and charity. We seek to relate all human culture to the news of salvation.

Who we are going to be:

· believers seeking daily encounters with Christ

· a family community through houses within the school

· staff and students formed in philosophy in the Ethics & Culture program

· teachers offering excellence in academics, meeting students’ needs and challenging them to grow

Vision for our Graduates

Our graduates carry with them a clear understanding of their own identity. They are immortal beings, of incomparable worth. Their intellects seek and value objective truth and they make decisions based on truth, not merely on opinion. They think logically and speak clearly on the bioethical issues of the day. Their emotions resonate with love for whatever is good, true, and beautiful; they reject evil, deceit, and disorder. They exercise self-discipline learned through their studies, sports, and performances. Their hearts are compassionate because they have known the Options students and the members of their Houses. They understand their mission to be “good Christian and upright citizens with a joyful vision and hope of a better world,” as St. John Bosco said. They serve the needy, vote, and act for the common good. They defend the dignity of every human being in the fields of art, politics, science, and medicine. Above all, they practice and grow in their faith throughout their adult lives. In this way, they are agents of change, building up a culture of life.


“How does a Catholic school evangelize? In five ways:

1.      a place of encounter with the living Jesus Christ

2.      to be places of Spirit-filled community

3.      to impart a Catholic worldview through the curriculum

4.      to assist students in becoming free

5.      to send students out as missionary disciples to transform the culture.” 

Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Evangelizing through Catholic Schools, 2017