Go Lions!


Student athletes grow in physical skills, in fitness and health, in virtues, and in thanks to God for their bodily abilities. The discipline of working hard under difficult conditions affirms the values of courage, effort, sacrifice and hope, as athletes learn lessons from failure and success. John Paul II Lions will earn a reputation for good sportsmanship and teamwork. Positive competition can foster the virtues of humility, patience and concern for others, the strongest possible foundation for winning teams.


"In sport, in fact, virtue is victorious."

St. John Paul II to the National Soccer teams

Canyon Athletic Association


Students will be able to participate in sports that they are passionate about. We will participate in Canyon Athletic Association in the opening years of the school. This will allow the students to compete in varsity-level athletics. As the student body grows, St. John Paul II will transition to the Arizona Interscholastic Association.