World Languages

Pope John Paul spoke 11 languages fluently. Students may study other languages online after completing two years of Latin or Spanish.

The World Youth Days, first begun by St. John Paul II in 1984, have gathered millions of Catholics under their own flags, praying in their own languages, dressed and dancing according to their culture’s customs, all united in faith, showing fraternal love, and becoming signs of hope to each other.

Latin is the basis for “grammar” study per the Trivium

Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Gloria Patri

Latin I 

Ecce Romani, Level I

Latin II

Ecce Romani, Level II

Latin III

Gallic Wars, Caesar

Benedict XVI’s abjuration of the papal office

AP Latin

Aeneid, Virgil

Spanish I

Así Se Dice, Level 1

Pobre Ana, Ray

Padre Nuestro; Dios te salve, Maria; Gloria al Padre

Spanish II

Así Se Dice, Level 2


La Biblia selecciones

Español Heredado I / Heritage Spanish I

Nuestro idioma, nuestra herencia, García, Carney and Sandoval

La Biblia selecciones

Español Heredado II / Heritage Spanish II

Palabra abierta. 2a. edición. Colombi, Pellettieri y Rodríguez Cengage

Escribiendo en un registro académico: cartas formales, ensayos expositivos y argumentativos

Spanish III

Spanish Three Years, Nassi

Auténtico, Pearson

Don Quixote de la Mancha: (adapto 12 episodios): Andrade/Tardy

Poesía de San Juan de la Cruz

AP Spanish

Abriendo Paso Temas y Lecturas, Diez

Abriendo Paso Gramática, Pearson